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G.I. Grow is a small batch specialty medical development farm with an emphasis on whole plant synergistic medicinal beneficial effects of cannabis. Our small batch, selective process provides rich diversity and allows us to create many different medical affects to target specific medicinal properties. Our development process has produced our signature genetics and their corresponding seed lines. We grow all our flowers into peek maturity ensuring maximum potency and purity.

We strive to foster our farmer and patient relationships to tailor and provide the best experience possible. This allows us to best understand our patients needs while educating our patients on our authentic genetics and lineage and how to align them to our patient’s medical needs. Our farmer and patient relationships opens the door for crucial, important dialogue to occur allowing us to give our patient’s specifically what they want and need.

G.I Grow Farm's utilizes sustainable cultivation practices to enhance our environmental quality and the natural resource base and soil nutrients used for growing. We are a single source, local Oregon grown, organic farm that strictly adheres to and abides by the OMMP – Oregon Medical Marijuana Program rules and regulations.

Our flowers are trimmed "farm cut" style not only for a beautiful presentation, but rather to preserve and protect the resin glands ensuring the very best quality possible. We have an extensive, private reserve selection that has an unmatched quality.


10% off all Miltary Veterans
20% off all Combat Veterans and Spouses
30% off Vietnam era Veterans
35% off Purple Heart Recpients
75% World War II and Korean War Veterans
100% off 100 percent Combat Disabled Veterans
100% off for Silver Star or above recipients
25% off for Senior Citizens Discount
50% off Stage 4 Cancer Patients – Coco Oil only